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We understand the importance of knowing your pet is comfortable while you are away.   At King's Kastle, our guests enjoy each day fully immersed in social play.  The indoor/outdoor full access allows our guests to explore our play yard, dig zone, play pools, and tunnels with all their friends, before being tucked in securely with a pre-bedtime treat.  

A limited  number of private runs are available for those guests in need of additional space.  Additional fee's may apply.
Too often our daily lifestyle requires us to be away from home during the day, while our pups remain home becoming bored and frustrated until our return.  When we do return home THEY are ready for a walk and some playtime, while we are often tired or still have an evening of responsibilities to perform.   Let us help you & your pet find a happy solution!  We all know that a tired dog is a happy dog, but we often forget that a well socialized dog is a dog we can trust almost anywhere.  King's Kastle can provide your pet with a full day of social play  and activity resulting in a tired, and well behaved pet.

Enjoy the benefits of daycare for your dog while giving him what he has been asking for!  Call today to enroll your pup in daycare.

We all strive to have an obedient and well behaved dog, but sometimes our best efforts do not always produce the results we hope for.   At King's Kastle we understand there are some great dogs with poor behaviors, as well as some great owners with limited understanding of the dog language and culture.  We can help at as interpreter to the dog world, as well as trainer to the dog.   For those dogs with extreme aggression, poor social skills, and potential risk of euthanasia or surrender, consider us as an option prior to such a finite decision.  
​Contact us today for an assessment.  We have helped hundreds of families and their pets open a door to a new, safer, relationship.
We understand the challenges of getting your pet to the groomers during work hours, or perhaps the vet for a check up.   King's Kastle can help.  If your dog is in attendance at King's Kastle, our qualified staff can assist in seeing that your pet makes it to their grooming and Veterinary appointments on time*.   

*Groomers and Veterinarians must be within a 30 mile radius, payment arrangements for services are the responsibility of pet owner.  Fees applies.